Love letter # 777

Nothing is owned. All is given. Or taken. The look in your eyes last night said as much. You once told me that what you wanted was to be heard. Well, you have been. All without saying a word.

I realise there is no score, no account to be balanced, only the play of human feeling. A reaching out, a flowering of tenderness, an opening up – and now a closing down. Your gaze, your energy, made it plain. I have been dismissed. Whatever purpose I may have served is no longer required. However cold it sounds, I accept it.

When you asked, I chose to respond. I took that risk. When you were in bloom, I played the bee. When you asked me to dance, I swirled around the room with you. For you. But people change, and that’s okay. There are no contracts, no debts or duties. You owe me nothing, not even explanation.

As for my obligation; it is to my own heart. The data is clear. Wishing will not change it, and chasing is pointless and degrading. You will hear no more on this topic. My final word is thank you. Through a window a light shone. It was you.  





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