Love letter # 20230218

Tomorrow I leave you. Yet, you will barely notice my absence; for I only walked in your dappled light, another visitor, passing through you like the breeze, my flight shaped, scented, by your sentinel presence.

In the sculpture of my motion, the evidence of you, perturbations on the surface of a stream. The flex of a dancer.

For a while I was a part of you. Enfolded. There I saw beyond myself, and the years stretched out like a thousand lifetimes. In your detail and your vastness, I felt the yin and yang.

You shared a whisper of your secrets, but still I do not know you. You exist outside my language. My love does not contain you.

I can only thank you for brush of your skin. For now I carry traces, indiscernible, undeniable – and in the darkness they will light my way.





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