Love letter # 629

Once, in the garden of stars, it seemed like we were side by side – but that was a trick of the light. From the vantage of great distance alone did we appear together. Here, the space is beyond our measure. You are on the other side of the sky. I only know you by name. You may know nothing of me.

Yet what of the acres inside us? Are these the true count of our separation? The chasm of stories. Valleys carved out by longing. Desires hewn by pain, smoothed to hard lustre by the dread of its repetition. The mirror unbearable.

Pale riders on a ridge line. Yes…there we are. Seen from afar, we travel in step. Up close, the miles between us yawn with every pace. We know our truth now. Though I may hold you in my arms once more, you will vanish over the horizon of my embrace. Our intimacy, a desert plain. The cauldron of our isolation.

Yesterday, we held fast to mirages. Today, our vision is clear. We are as distant as stars. May we now be as guides, points of reference for the ongoing voyage. You in your boat. Me in mine.

Did I feel your wake on my bow as you sailed away?





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