Love letter # 123

When it ends, as I know now that it must, I will not fight. Not because I have no strength but because love is not a victory – no matter how great the ache of its loss.

Saddened though I am by the dimming of the light, no amount of protest will prevent the coming of the darkness. The steady process has begun. You are slowly, inexorably withdrawing – your touch a little cooler each day. Your kisses less … just less.

I am only saying this because I do not wish to linger in the grey-lit half world of the drawn out breakdown. Nor do I wish it on you. Not for us the awful, second guessing diplomacy and metering out of affection. Not for you the eggshells. Not for me the frantic wondering.

Let the night fall now – before memory fills up with regret – before daybreak dawns bitter and afraid.

I do not know why love has left you – I only know that it has. And that is all I need to know.





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