Love letter # 238

You probably already know but I’ll say it anyway. When we’re together I am alive with both desire and uncertainty. Your closeness, your flirtatious eyes, they ignite me – and even though I know you are taken, I burn just the same.

I would like to reach across the space between us – complete the connection. I want to take you outside and kiss you. Feel your warmth next to mine. Know the taste of you.

Most likely this will never happen – but that won’t stop me dreaming it. Won’t prevent me looking at you and imagining.

So now you can take this secret with you wherever you go – call it to mind when and if you feel the need. I offer you this admiration as a gift. An innocent token of something far more fiery. You may do with it as you wish. As I am doing now in my fantasy of you and I.

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