Love letter # 378

I wonder – do I stand a chance with you? Is there a way for me to get through your many layers of defence? Or are your reasons really excuses – fear in the guise of determination?

We both know that when someone says they’re not looking for a relationship what they really mean is that the right person hasn’t come along yet. This is what frightens me. That for all our closeness and the ease we have with one another, I am doomed to bounce off the steel of your singledom. Until someone else gets through.

So be honest. No sugar coats. None of this ‘I really respect you’ nonsense. Tell me if there is a hope I can reasonably cling to – if there is a chink in your armour with my name on it. But more so – let me know if there isn’t – because I have love to give; and I will not give it to a wall.





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  1. onakoya Emmanuel Avatar
    onakoya Emmanuel

    I really like this and it makes sense.


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